Level 4 Safeguarding Training in the arts – children aged 8-16 - Delivered by Penny Rogers

For all individuals and organisations 

19th September 2020 – 9:30 – 16:30 GMT

Fully certified CDP

Limited spaces available

Advanced online interactive training tailored for named safeguarding officers in organisations working with children in challenging circumstances. Level 3 Safeguarding is a requirement for participation in this Level 4 course.

£75 per person.


Who is this course for?

  • Increasingly, artists and arts organisations work with children who face challenging circumstances. This work can be of immense value for participants, practitioners and society at large. It comes with its own challenges however and practitioners need the best possible preparation before embarking on this kind of work. 
  • Knowledge of the law and good practice around safeguarding will give you the skills to carry out this important work professionally and with confidence. 
  • The certification is valid for 3 years.

Course Overview

By the end of the Safeguarding Level 4 course you will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the designated safeguarding children officer and state key areas of responsibility
  • Describe the key legislation and guidance underpinning the organisation’s policy for responding to concerns
  • Decide what steps your organisation needs to take to ensure the safety and welfare of children and young people with whom it has contact
  • State the blocks inhibiting children / adults at risk from disclosing abuse and respond effectively to a child who does disclose
  • State the blocks to staff reporting concerns and how to overcome these
  • Make appropriate decisions about the action to take if staff are involved in an incident
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the emotional dimension of safeguarding work and identify a network for personal support


Members feedback

Fantastic session!

Thanks so much Penny and Julie for arranging We both thought the training was really good

Jenny Spinner

Thanks too for putting the training on – great to get it done on lockdown when workload not so heavy!

John Hearson

Very thorough and clear

I really appreciated the opportunity to take part in such comprehensive training at a time when so many vocations have ceased. I tuned in from London and feel that the information was communicated in a clear and concise manner, thanks zoom as well!

Cally Maxwell

The training was really useful. It was the most interesting safeguarding training I have ever attended and I really liked how Penny used clinical examples that were very relevant to music therapy practice. Zoom also worked really well and it was great to meet everyone and not have to travel for the course. Thank you.


Today was good thanks


Happy I did this despite missing a sunny day!


Thank you everyone for a great training!



A few technical issues (not your fault!)


Limited spaces available!

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