This is the place to find a music teacher, music group or collaboration partner.

Are you new to music-making? If so, this may be the most fulfilling step you ever take.

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Our mission is to get the benefits of music-making out into all communities by “doing music differently”.

Drum and Brass is a not-for-profit music making organisation.

Establishing regular spaces which bring people together to make music

Advocating to dismantle barriers to musical progression

Supporting our sector with a music-making network and CPD

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Current Projects

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unique things happen when people come together

Locally composed

We have always created projects that have team work, skill sharing, inclusivity and creating a safe environment to express yourself and lead to working confidence in working independently.

As well as working with local communities in Leicester, D+B have worked with many organisations and individuals around the UK to collaborate and elevate their practices.

There are many opportunities to get involved with us to volunteer, partner up with projects or just have a nice chat about your own practice and how we can help. The whole team is very approachable and all have a range of skills that they can share with you.

Looking to apply for funding for your new project?

Speak to us and we can help plan your new project and bring it to life from applying for funding to helping to completion.

Supported by:

No Bars City Orchestra

No Bars City Orchestra

It started as a celebration of the 70th birthday of Geoff Forse who has managed the Woodgate Resources Centre for over 30 years, many of them as a volunteer.   He has ensured that people of all ages have had access to music lessons - learning a range of...

Prabandh – Synopsis of interview 2

Prabandh – Synopsis of interview 2

Research and artist interviews conducted by Pritam Singh  Artists  Kankana Banerjee  Malyaban Chatterjee  Afzal Hussain   The journey to research Prabandh Gayan continued with our second set of interviews with our selected three masters. The theme of this interview...

Sounds of… Helen Minors

Sounds of… Helen Minors

Listen to the interview: The project's called women's musical leadership online network. And it connects with lots of other pilot projects and a book also entitled women's musical leadership.  we started it out as an online project funded by open which is where...

Doing music differently

Doing music differently

About this event “As it currently exists, the classical music world is … suffering from a perennial and pervasive diversity crisis” Chi-chi Nwanoku Music plays a huge role in our modern world and it all starts with people like you. Whether you play or teach an...

Prabandh – Synopsis of interview 1

Prabandh – Synopsis of interview 1

Sham Veda is the earliest surviving evidence of Indian music, arts, and culture, dating backto 2500BC. Furthermore, there is written evidence from great scholars and musicologists ofthe gradual formation of the universal scale; Vedic chants sung in 3, 4 and 5 notes...