Bid Writing Guide

Are you a musician with an innovative idea? Need support in writing a bid or applying for funding?


Click on the link for a 10 minute guide to help you get started

Equality Health Check

Discover your strengths when it comes to inclusion. We can all do more, find out how with our healthcheck.
Our Health Check helps you start the conversation  with your group.


Useful Links

You don’t have to do this alone. There’s plenty of info. and we have collected some top resources for you.
Our Useful Links include:

Online Equality Resources
Training for Music Facilitators
Funding for Musicians

Brass Bands in Cumbria Flyer Designs

As part of the “Brass in Eden” project funded by the Eden District Council, we have produced flyer designs for brass bands across the region.

Youth Band Resources

Building a band? Brass bands in Cumbria have teamed up to share top tips and resources:

Music learning basics
Celebrating progress
Safeguarding and more