The Beat of Time

Exploring Leicester's iconic New Walk Museum in music

The Beat of Time

16 – 20 Oct 2018 – New Walk Museum, Leicester

Artists: Jonathan Reed, Julie Maxwell, Hari Trivedi, Thure Gade Johansen and Miranda Booth

Drum and Brass were highly privileged to spend a week creating music with the community at Leicester’s favourite New Walk Museum. We began in the dinosaur room, creating stark, rhythmic sounds. In the Victorian gallery, we became naturally more melodic and romantic. The Star Wars exhibition took us to outer space while the wild animals brought us back down to earth. From 16th – 20th Oct. visitors were invited to pick up an instrument and explore the artefacts – from ancient Dinosaur Skeletons to Light Sabreswith us.

We had a wonderful week and great feedback from audiences of all ages who joined in on percussion, created artwork, sang or moved. The music created was then engineered by Jonathon Reed into an album which tells the story of a place that everyone in Leicester knows and loves.


Recordings of the soundscapes