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Cumbria Brass Network – why be a part of it?

Bands want more members, the general public want more live band music. Brass bands can teach people to play instruments, they offer affordable access to music-making and they are local. All this adds up to huge benefit for communities.

The network has grown out of a a desire by bands to pool band expertise and ideas and work together to shape the future of brass bands in the 21st Century.

This year the network has hosted 4 meetings, published 3 newsletters, created a Facebook page and Facebook Group and updated its directory of bands. With a team of volunteers from local bands, funding from local trusts and the Arts Council and recognition from Brass Bands England, we are organising the “Brass at the Castle” festival and have established the Cumbria Youth Brass Band. This is a collaborative initiative which has been made possible thanks to the support of the members and the resources of Drum and Brass.

Creating events

The network supports bands to hold events e.g. “Brass at the Castle” by managing marketing, venue liaison, funding, timetabling, staffing, insurance etc.

Our events are aimed at raising awareness of what bands offer to communities and to the wider world of music with a view to increasing membership of our groups.

Network meetings

The current network offer is 4 meetings per year, newsletters, a Facebook page and Facebook Group and a directory of bands. Annual programmes can focus attention on steady development

2024-2025 – “A Band for Everyone in Cumbria”

Meetings will host conversations about band identity, audience development, player support, player recruitment.

17 AUG 2024, SAT 6 – 7pm Band identity

16 NOV 2024, SAT 6 – 7pm Audience development

15 FEB 2025, SAT 6 – 7pm Player support

17 MAY 2025, SAT 6 – 7pm Player recruitment

young people sitting in a row playing brass instruments

Cumbria Youth Brass Band

Thanks to the dedication, generosity and passion of a brilliant team of musical directors, Cumbria Youth Brass Band is up and running. Its players have setpped up their game and become a really strong musical community. Watch this space!

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